B litter

InGold's "B" litter

born on February 18th 2018


Princess Kia gave birth to 7 beautiful puppies - 4 girls and 3 boys


German Champion

Flash N Thunder From Borders Paradise "Flash"

HD A2, ED 0/0, OCD free

NCL, TNS, MDR1 - clear (tested)

CEA carrier

Glaucoma free

For more informations about "Flash" click here.


Multi Junior Champion, Croatian Champion, BiH Champion

DB Never Stop Dream For InGold's "KIA"

HD A, ED 0/0, OCD free

CEA, CL, TNS, MRD1, IGS clear (tested)

CEA, KAT, PRA clear

Glaucoma free

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Every puppy has it's own page:

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Pedigree of our "B" Litter

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Ever since we saw photos and videos of "Flash", we fell in love with him and we knew we will use him as a stud one day. Then we watched his progeny and we fell in love even more...  So this day has come and we can't wait to see what "Kia" and "Flash" will produce!


"Flash" is an outstanding dog with perfect body structure, great will to please, really nice character, healthy and simply gorgeous!! <3


"Kia" is our perfection, "all-in-one", everything you can want from a border collie. She has a really nice body structure, outstanding movement, great will to please, great herding instincts and she is a real sweetheart <3


From this combination we expect healthy dogs with perfect character, very active and beautiful fluffy furballs.


 All puppies have new active and loving homes!!


We want to say a big THANK YOU to Flash's owner and breeder - Elke Thein (kennel from Borders Paradise) for the opportunity to realise this very special combination for us!!