InGold’s Dream Catcher

InGold's Dream Catcher "Nelly"

Personal data

DOB: 12.4.2020

black-white female

height: 50 cm

weight: 16 kg

sire: Nahrof Steel My Soul "River"

dam: Dreams Border Never Stop Dream For InGold's "Kia"

breeder: Željka Rakonić Goldin (InGold's kennel)

owner: Željka Rakonić Goldin (InGold's kennel) & Gabriela Godler Ilić




ED  0/0

OCD  free

CEA (Collie Eye Anomaly) – clear (DNA tested)

NCL (Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis) – clear (DNA tested)

TNS (Trapped Neutrophil Syndrome) – clear (DNA tested)

MDR1 (Multi Drug Resistance) – clear (DNA tested)

IGS (Immersun Grasberg Syndrome) – clear (DNA tested)

SN (Sensory Neuropathy) – clear (DNA tested)

RS (Raine Syndrome – Dental Hypomineralisation) – clear (DNA tested)

EAOD (Early Adult Onset Deafness) – clear (DNA tested)

BCG (Border Collie Glaucoma & Gonio) – carrier (DNA tested)

dentation: full, correct scissor bite


About "Nelly"

"Nelly" is a wonderful girl, really gentle to people and children, but powerful at play and work. She has perfect balance for on and off button.

She is out a perfect combination of "River" and "Kia" and she really matured into a beautiful girl with wonderful body construction, beautiful movement and gorgeous head! I'm really proud as a breeder of this perfect girl <3