InGold’s K Litter

We are expecting border collie puppies in June 2024


Simaro Business As Usual "Tommy"

Multi Show Champion

HD A, ED 0/0, OCD  free

MDR1, IGS,  SN, RS – clear

InGold's Dream Catcher "Nelly"

HD A, ED 0/0, OCD  free

CEA, NCLTNSMDR1IGSSN, RSEAOD – clear, BCG – carrier 

For more information and to reserve puppies, please contact us!

We are looking for an active owners who will do any kind of sport/work with our puppies, but the most important is that our puppies go to a loving homes where they will be a part of the family, loved and cared properly. Border collie is a kind of dog who always wants to be with his owner, so life on a chain or box/kennel is out of the question!!

Puppies will be born and raised in our living area where they will get to know all kinds of everyday noises, scents, meet lots of different people, children, objects, different toys… Puppies will leave us at the age of 8 – 9 weeks. They will be microchipped, dewormed, eye-examined, vaccinated, controlled by the breed warden.

They will have a FCI pedigree and an EU pet passport. When they will leave in new forever homes, they will bring a “puppy pack” (toys, collar and leash, food, clicker…) and a folder with all their documents and information for future owners to help the first period of their new life. All puppies will be sold with a contract with a breeder’s health guarantee.

From future owners we expect to stay in touch with us for the rest of dog’s life because we care for our dogs and want to follow the development of our puppies/adult dogs – it will help us in our further breeding and also provide future owners with our all-time support, help and advice for all questions about dogs, health, socialization, food, behaviour, problems, training…

If you are interested in our puppy, feel free to contact us!! But please – tell us something about yourself, your plans with the puppy, where would the puppy live, what would the puppy do… not just “do you have puppies and what is the price?”.Please note that we will sell our puppies only to carefully selected owners, we will consider all conditions in which puppies will live because we want the best for them, we want the future owners to continue all the effort and love we put in them from their beginnings…

We are also searching for co-owners for most promising puppies from this litter because we want to keep these lines in our kennel for future plans, but we can’t have too many dogs at our home because every border collie needs a proper work on a daily basis and if we have too many dogs, we can’t provide enough quality time for each and every one of them. So if you are interested in co-owning a puppy with us, feel free to contact us. If you want to learn more about a co-ownership with us, click here.

*** Another important note ***Whoever decides to buy our puppy, must be ready to come to our home to meet us personally (before taking the puppy), so we can be sure that the puppy goes to the best possible home. In this way you could meet us, our dogs and you could see how our dogs live, how they work…Since all puppies we sell exclusively under a contract certified by a notary public, we would pass with the potential owners point by point of the contract to avoid any misunderstanding. We don’t sell our puppies to a big kennels because we don’t want our puppies to live in boxes all day long and doing nothing but the show and breeding!! Border collie is a working dog, so it would be really a shame not to use all their potential!!!We are looking forward to all future owners who will become a part of our InGold’s family!!!