InGold’s Akbar Shah

InGold's Akbar Shah



Personal data

DOB: 10.1.2017

black-white male

birth weight: 430 g

height: 54 cm

weight: 20 kg

sire: Aut Ch Deu Ch Simaro Dressed In Black "BO"

dam: Multi Ch Int Ch Dolce & Gabbana At Real Pearl "ELLIE"

breeder: Željka Rakonić Goldin (InGold's kennel)

owner: Željka Rakonić Goldin (InGold's kennel)

coowner: Krešimir Bračić (Skradin, Croatia)




ED  0/0

OCD free

CEA-DNA – normal by parantage

NCL-DNA – normal by parantage

TNS-DNA – normal by parantage

MDR1-DNA – normal by parantage

BCG - normal by parantage

dentation: full, correct scissor bite





About "Bo"

"Bo" is a beautiful young male with an amazing character, he really loves people and children.

After he spend few months in a wrong family, "Bo" found a perfect forever family, so now he is certified Search and Rescue dog and he works for HGSS with his great owner Krešimir! 🙂

"BO" is a perfect border collie - he has it all you can ask: he is smart (he learns really fast), has a lot of drive and energy, he is a top working dog, he could work all day and night, loves to play and at the end of the day - he is a big cuddle ball. Beyond all of this - he is extremely beautiful example of the breed.


InGold's Akbar Shah "BO" is available at stud if your bitch satisfies the following conditions:

- breeding license;

- x-ray for hip and elbow dysplasia;

- DNA test for hereditary diseases (CEA, TNE, NCL, MDR1, BCG, RS...);

- stable character;

- proven in work or at dog shows.

For all other questions you can contact us!

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2 weeks old (980 g)



1 week old (681 g)


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