Co-ownership with InGold’s

What is a co-ownership?


You’ve come across this term, but you don’t know what it actually means? Don’t worry, this does not mean that the dog lives at two addresses and moves to each one a little bit…


This form of ownership benefits both the breeder and the co-owner, and ultimately the dog himself the most – read below why!

We decided to breed border collies because we are fascinated by this breed and with our efforts we want to contribute to its progress and improvement in terms of health, temperament, appearance, working qualities, etc. Each InGold's litter is carefully planned and has its own purpose, so we would like the best representatives all these bloodlines to continue to be in our kennel due to future plans and future laws, but we are aware that we cannot keep a puppy from every litter in our home, we cannot have too many dogs because every border collie requires daily work (mental and physical) and in that case, we would not be able to dedicate enough quality time to each of them. That's why we are looking for an active and responsible co-owners to help us in our goal. What does it mean? It means:

A co-owner will get the most perspective puppy from the litter for a lower price.

The puppy/adult dog will live with a co-owner like every other dog.

A co-owner is obliged to work with the puppy/adult dog on a daily basis some of dog sports/obedience.

In agreement with a co-owner the puppy/adult dog will have to attend to some dog shows.

A female will have to have a minimal one litter and maximal three litters at our kennel (breeding out of our kennel is not allowed); the time of the litter(s) will be in agreement with a co-owner.

A male will maybe have a few matings (it doesn't depends just on us).

Expenses for health testing and breedings will be covered by the breeder (InGold's kennel).

A co-owner is obliged to take care of a daily health of the dog, quality food, socialization, of mental and physical activity of the dog

If the puppy does not develop in that direction, which is important to us for breeding, (in any segment: health, character, appearance, working abilities, ...) the ownership will be completely transferred to the co-owners and the dog will not be able to use in breeding, but it's life continues loved and cared for in his family because we believe that in breeding should participate only the best representatives of the breed.

To summarize - the puppy/adult dog will live with it's co-owner the whole life, a co-owner will love and train the puppy/adult dog, take a health care of it. The breeder (InGold's kennel) will take care of puppies and shows (in agreement with a co-owner).

We think this is the best way for dogs to have happy and fulfill life with their loving families and still help us in our goal with breeding.

If you think you are the right person for this or you have more questions about a co-ownership, feel free to contact us!!