InGold’s Hellion “HELL”

Personal data

DOB: 2.11.2021

black-white male

height: 53 cm

weight: 20.5 kg

sire: New Dream’s Border You Are My Destiny “Brave”

dam: DB Never Stop Dream For InGold’s “KIA”

breeder: Željka Rakonić Goldin (InGold's kennel)

owner: Željka Rakonić Goldin (InGold's kennel)




ED  0/0

OCD  free

CEA (Collie Eye Anomaly) – clear (DNA tested)

NCL (Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis) – clear (DNA tested)

TNS (Trapped Neutrophil Syndrome) – clear (DNA tested)

MDR1 (Multi Drug Resistance) – clear (DNA tested)

IGS (Immersun Grasberg Syndrome) – clear (DNA tested)

SN (Sensory Neuropathy) – clear (DNA tested)

RS (Raine Syndrome – Dental Hypomineralisation) – clear (DNA tested)

EAOD (Early Adult Onset Deafness) – clear (DNA tested)

BCG (Border Collie Glaucoma & Gonio) – clear (DNA tested)

dentation: full, correct scissor bite


Champion titles:

Future Hope of Croatia

Junior Champion of Croatia



Search And Rescue (S.A.R.)

Dog dancing




Videos of Mr Hell:




About "Hell"


What to tell about this little perfection? Well, let's start from the beginning...

When I had to choose a stud male for my last litter with "Kia", I had no doubts who will that be! "Brave" has a perfect pedigree and he is totally my type of a BC! I fall in love even more when we came for a mating - he was alone with us (Martina was on the work) and he had no problem with that! He did his job with "Kia" and he spent the rest of the time playing with us 🙂

Two months after "Kia" gave birth to a 6 beautiful babies <3 5 girls and one boy <3 And that one boy was special from day one...


Day by day he showed me how handsome and smart he is. He learned very fast, he was sooo easy to train and sooo motivated for any kind of work. One day I took the whole litter to the forest where we have a ruin for S.A.R. training - the whole litter was so fearless and they explored the whole place. He jumped all around the place, he was climbing on the roof, he slipped under the beams... so I decided he has to go to a special home - an experience working home.



So many people came to my home to see him - all of them wanted him, but I didn't feel like I'm ready to let him go with none of them... I knew he is special and then unplanned - he stayed in our home, in our family <3 Of course, beside his outstanding brain, he is also a chewing monster :)))) He can destroy everything you leave without supervision :))))  But we still love him very much <3 😉



When he was 2 months old, we started to train Search And Rescue with him - and all I can tell - he is a natural <3

Also, we start some dog shows, as well - and for now he is Future Hope of Croatia and Junior Champion of Croatia! Also, he is Crufts qualified for 2023, so maybe we will se the Green Carpet 😉

He is totally my type of a BC - nice moderate athletic body with typical movement, nice head and expression and the most important - with perfect working abilities!!



Can't wait to see what the future holds for us...



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