* forever in our hearts*

Personal data

pedigree name: Cal Petrovi Dvori

DOB: 20.7.2012

died: 8.3.2015 (epilepsy)

black-white female

height: 50 cm

weight: 16 kg

sire: Astra Che

dam: Meg

breeder: Petar Malija (Petrovi Dvori, Veliko Trojstvo)

owner: Željka Rakonić Goldin







Search and Rescue (S.A.R.)



Dog dancing



Jessie - pedigree



About Jessie

Jessie was ones in a lifetime dog... Actually - she was more like a human then a dog. Sometimes it seemed like she could read our minds... Really a special creature who we miss sooooo much!! 

She was always happy and ready for action and she was CRAZY about the balls. She had a lots of energy, so we have trained S.A.R., obedience, dog dancing and frisbee (just for fun because she was totally untalented for catch a frisbee). Although her parents were working dogs on sheep, she had no talent and instinct for herding, so it was really funny when she was on her first herding training - she thought sheep are her friends and she jump around with them 😀

She loved everyone - people, children, other animals... And everyone loved her. Whoever had met her, stayed enchanted with her personality. She was so great and stable in every situation. 

But when it comes to health, Jessie was the best example of irresponsible breeding - she was always at the veterinarian. She constantly had problems with her bones (she limped a lot), coat and skin and at the age of 2 - she got epilepsy. Half a year it was under control, but one day she had a 17 seizures and nothing couldn't stop it. So we had to make the hardest decision - we put her to sleep. That was the worst day in our lives... 

Epilepsy came throught her sire's lines - her sire was Astra Che who gave a few progeny with epilepsy and his brother died from epilepsy, too . Although this informations were public, some people didn't want to accept it, so they bred with Astra Che's  progeny which is really risky. So if you ever want to buy a puppy who has Astra Che in it's pedigree, think twice before you make your final decision!!  Epilepsy is the worst disease what can happen to your dog, it's so hard to look when your dog shakes and you can't do nothing...

Our Jessie was our sunshine and we will always remember her, she will always be in our hearts... 




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